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5 steps on how to sell gold jewelry Melbourne

Are you looking to sell gold jewelery Melbourne? Do you have scrap jewelry, gold coins, or just old unwanted jewelry pieces that you want to sell? If the answer is yes then you should take into consideration these 5 important steps.

1. Find out how many karats each item of jewelry contains.

2. Research the Gold spot price

3. Look into potential buyers

4. Obtain a few different quotes

5 Make sure you get paid in cash

Find out how many karats each item of jewelry contains

Usually in Australia your gold jewelry is either is 9k or 18k, you might know in advance and if you don’t remember don’t worry you will find out on the day you bring your gold jewelry to a gold buyers for them to test.

Research the global spot price of Gold

The spot gold price is the current price at which gold can be bought and sold rather than at a later date. This information is essential for gold buyers and how they calculate and value your gold jewelry to buy from you before being sent off for refining. Knowing the spot price could help you understand the calculation or get you a higher price. The Gold price per ounce in Australia today is 2,627 AUD but tomorrow it could be $2,580. Therefore, why not cash in today while the price is high?

Look into potential buyers

If you have some nice pieces try to sell them privately first. Either you Inquire if your friends want any jewelry to buy or try websites like Ebay or Facebook market place.

For everything else, its easiest to sell it as scrap. Searching for your local gold buyers is the easiest way to be paid instant cash for your unwanted gold jewelry. Check their website and shop around, write down the names and addresses of the top 3 highest advertised prices.

Obtain a Variety of Offers

Once you have found your favourite three gold buyers it’s time to give them a visit. Give them your gold jewelry and ask for a quote. Make sure you visit them all on the same day as the spot price of gold could change. Whoever, offers you the highest price of three go back there and tell them you would like to proceed.

Make sure you get paid in cash

Handling jewelry and gold have its risks so be aware of the situation and be safe! Hold your jewelry safely in a jewelry box or bags when shopping around.

A transparent and flexible selling process is very important that’s why it’s important the gold buyer tests and weighs everything in front of you. Once this process is complete enquire about the payment process.  Make sure you get paid in cash.

If the gold buyer wants to pay you by cheque you may wish to consider selling to a different dealer so always insist on cash. It’s only fair you exchange something of equal value at the same time.

So be aware of all the risks and prices when you sell your jewelry and take into consideration the steps on how to sell gold jewelry Melbourne.


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