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Global CTB Review – Trade All Your Desired Crypto Assets in One Place

Trading has become quite main stream in the past few years, thanks in part to people looking to make it big. The sheer volume of new traders that are coming to the platform is quite staggering. In fact, I’m quite impressed with the drive that these traders have. But trading is never easy.

It takes a lot of time before you get better. And the best place to improve your trade is a broker that offers a large collection of assets to choose from. While it is not hard to get better at trading, it certainly requires a lot of dedication and drive.

Easy and Quick Registration

When a new trader finds out about the possibilities waiting for them in trading, they will want to start fast. They will look for a broker that has what they need, quickly register, and wait. However, they wait for a considerably long time. Days and weeks pass until they get a response from their broker, and by then a lot of the hype they had for trading is gone now.

A major problem that most brokers suffer from is delaying responses to their traders. And it does make sense why they respond late, seeing the influx of people that they have to deal with. Regardless, it is something that many brokers have worked to improve, one of them being Global CTB.

Global CTB takes their registration process very seriously. Therefore, they are able to respond relatively quickly to new traders. The latest that I have heard them respond to their customers is three days.

Moreover, the forms that they have to fill when registering are quite simple. They do not require much from the traders except for the essentials of registering to a broker.

Security Protocols

Security is always a concern that traders have when signing up to a new trader, and for good reason. There is a lot of money at stake when traders sign up to a broker. And to have lose all of that to one cyber-attack can be quite crushing. Luckily, brokers have invested heavily in proper security measures to ensure a safe trading experience.

One of the first security protocols that they will have to deal with is registration. Global CTB follows the KYC policy which allows them to weed out any malicious users that would otherwise hurt the platform. Of course, the KYC policy asks for traders to give their personal information to the broker in order to register.

However, you do not have to worry about the security of your information. Global CTB, similar to most brokers encrypts the data that you send them. By encrypting the data, only authorized personnel will be able to access it.

The website also has a secure connection to your device through SSL, ensuring that no one can pick up your information in transit.

A Collection of Different Assets

The biggest selling point for any broker is their collection of assets. If a broker does not have the assets that a trader wants, then the other features are not as enticing. All of the features, account types, and the perks that come with it fall secondary to a broker’s assets.

When signing up with Global CTB, you will have access to various assets right off the bat. You will be able to invest in Forex, crypto, stock, and indices, as well as bonds, metals, and oil. Moreover, among cryptocurrencies, they also offer some of the most popular currencies you can find in the market.

The plethora of assets also makes for a good starting place for new traders. They can start out with the different markets and find the one that is best for them. On the other hand, intermediate and professional traders will be able to diversify their portfolio by investing in multiple assets.

There is something for everyone at Global CTB. Traders will be able to trade in stock, cryptocurrencies and even bonds. They can even invest in other assets such as oil and metal, if those are markets that they understand better.

Different Accounts to Choose From

Brokers are always in a very precarious situation. They have to offer their services to a wide range of traders. Each of these traders will have differing expectations from the broker and will want different things.

Beginners will want a platform to learn and experiment with their trading preferences, as they still don’t know what they want from this experience. Conversely, veterans know exactly what they want from a broker, and instead have certain expectations from a broker.

A broker will have to balance all of their traders and offer them individual features fitting of their experience at the time. And the best way that brokers do this is by offering traders different account types to choose from. This is such a unanimous solution that it is hard to find a broker that does not offer different accounts. Of course, Global CTB is no different.

Global CTB offers users a total of six different accounts to choose from. The bronze account is for beginners that are just starting out. The silver and gold accounts are for intermediate traders that have some experience trading but are still finding their feet. Platinum and diamond accounts are for veteran traders that know exactly what they are doing. They have many years of experience under their belts and understand a lot about the market that they trade in.

Trading Will Come with Time

A common misconception that people have about trading in general is that it is a way to make money fast. And while that is certainly true, that is only possible when people have invested a significant amount of time learning. The initial stages of trading might not give you the results that you want, so it is best to keep your expectations realistic. You should also try not to rush the initial stages of trading, as these can be essential to your development as a trader. Take your time learning everything that you can about the market that you want to trade in. Learn more about Global CTB by clicking this link.


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