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GlobalTrading26 – A Brokerage Investors Can Trust To Trade With

With the passage of time, the online trading industry has grown advanced and very profitable. This is the reason why the online trading industry is observing a high influx of investors. Although there are many online trading brokerages providing many useful services, yet GlobalTrading26 has managed to gain a lot of adoption and attention in the online trading industry. Therefore, I am going to share all that I know about the brokerage in this GlobalTrading26 review.

Trading Instruments Offered by GlobalTading26

GlobalTrading26 is known for providing users with a variety of online trading instruments/assets. GlobalTrading26 does this because it wants to provide users with trading instruments that are most profitable and are trending in the online trading markets. There are five major online trading assets that GlobalTrading26 provides users and their names are Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Commodities, Forex, and Stocks.

The investors can choose the instrument they find most profitable and affordable and then they can count on the support provided by GlobalTrading26. If the investors choose to trade through GlobalTrading26, they gain access to several online trading markets, they have access to the most advanced and top-notching trading tools/services while trading. All these tools, features, and services have been introduced in order to provide a fully productive and profitable trading environment to the investors.

Trading Accounts Offered by GlobalTrading26

One thing that distinguishes GlobalTrading26 from many mediocre online trading brokerages is the list of online trading accounts it offers the users. Similar to the online trading instruments, GlobalTrading26 has prepared a list of 5 online trading accounts that cater to investors with specific trading experience.

At present, the online trading accounts offered by GlobalTrading26 include Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP online trading accounts. If the investors are new to the online trades, they can go with a Silver trading account by making a minimum deposit of €10,001 and going all the way up to a VIP account, the minimum deposit required is €500,000.

Once the investors acquire an online trading account at GlobalTrading26, they gain access to services such as quarterly dividends, up to 1:150 trading leverage, trading signals, money management plan, welcome bonus, monthly cashback.

Furthermore, the service/benefits users gain access to include daily market reviews, 1-on-1 coaching sessions, trading alerts & event analysis, daily market reviews, access to the premium trading room, and support through a personal account manager.

Trading Platform Offered by GlobalTrading26

GlobalTrading26 has a team of expert programmers who are so much experienced in the online trading field that they have designed and developed their own online trading platform. The services, security, and protection provided by GlobalTrading26’s trading platform are on-par with trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, & E*Trade, etc.

The trading platform is known for providing users with the most convenient, top-notch, and user-friendly interface. Furthermore, the platform also provides users with tools/services such as trading charts/graphs, single-click execution, prompt executions, trading signals, market news/review, price alert, and many more features.

The best thing about GlobalTrading26’s online trading platform is that it is available to users through web browsers, Android, and iOS.

Education System Offered by GlobalTrading26

GlobalTrading26 is composed of members who are experts in the field of online trading, data analyzing, and programming. They are highly skillful and are always eager to share their knowledge and information they have gathered in the past couple of decades. These experts have shared their knowledge in the form of an education program that offers aspects such as Ebooks, Glossary, and Videos.

The experts at GlobalTading26 have shared their experiences, their knowledge, their strategies through Ebooks& Videos, and the tips/tricks they have learned throughout their trading experiences. All the content has been shared by the teams at GlobalTrading26 so they can gain as much knowledge as possible and become empowered in making any investment decisions on their own.

GobalTrading26 and Regulatory Adherence

Similar to the major online trading brokerages, GlobalTrading26 is also compliant with the major regulatory policies that are Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC). GlobalTrading26 aims to maintain its reputation as a fully regulated trading brokerage entity and wants to provide a production/ethical trading platform to the investors. Therefore, GlobalTrading26 tends to acquire personal identification information (PII) and monitor the transaction activities of investors under the guidelines provided by regulators.

Deposits and Withdrawals at GlobalTrading26

When it comes to deposits and withdrawals, GlobalTrading26 has kept things very simple and convenient for investors. It has adopted some of the most common and easy to use payment methods that include bank wire transfer, credit/debit card, and bitcoin wallets.

When it comes to making a deposit, the investors can use either of the above-mentioned options to deposit a minimum of €10,001.

As far as the withdrawals are concerned, the investors receive the withdrawal money through the same method they use to make deposits. The minimum withdrawal amount at GlobalTrading26 is $100 while doing it through bank wire and debit/credit cards. On the other hand, if the withdrawal is required through a bitcoin wallet, then the withdrawal amount must be equivalent to $250 worth of bitcoin.

Customer Support Provided by GlobalTrading26

GlobalTrading26 tends to offer customer support to investors through three different communication channels that include chat, phone, and email. The investors can get in touch with their support from Monday to Friday and be amazed to learn how friendly, professional, well-educated, and cooperative the customer support representatives are at GlobalTrading26.


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