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Group 500 Review – Make Your Trading Career Better With This Broker

Group 500 Review

Group 500 is an incredible brokerage that may suit your trading journey. People frequently believe that once they have made an investment, they will begin to make huge sums of money, but they fail to realize that everything has a cost, and the cost, in this case, is dedication, devotion, and patience. A good broker like Group 500 enhances the chances of a positive trading experience. You will know at the end of the Group 500 review why I am suggesting this to you.

Spectacular Trading Accounts

The first thing I looked at on Group 500’s website was their impressive trading accounts, which provide a wide range of services, upgrades, and advantages. Each account is based on prior experience and provides services that are suited to the needs of the investors:

  • Silver Account

By depositing at least $10,000, you may get a Silver account, which gives you access to the basic level education center, a unique trading interface, recent trading news, 1-on-1 basic training sessions, and two VIP signals per month.

  • Gold Account

The ideal choice is to open a Gold trading account with Group 500, which you may do with a minimum investment of $25,000. This account comes with complete access to Group500’s education center, 1-on-1 basic training sessions, a unique trading platform, limited trading signals, personal account management services, the latest trading news, and ten VIP signals per month.

  • Platinum Account

To open this account, you must deposit at least $50,000. This will grant you full access to the online education center, 1-on-1 basic training, a unique trading platform, full trading signals, a private VIP account manager, the latest trading news, daily VIP signals, an algorithmic trading feature, zero withdrawal, and small trading fees.

  • Signature Account

With a deposit of at least $250,000, you may get full access to the online education center, 1-on-1 basic training, all tool and service access on the trading platform, complete trading signals, unlimited trading lots sizes, a personal VIP account manager, daily VIP signals, the current market news and insight, trading algorithm feature, no withdrawal fees, and a personal VIP account manager.

Wide Range of Trading Assets

Group 500 is regarded as the saviors and protectors of online trading’s tarnished reputation because they are customer-oriented. While many bad brokerages try to play it safe by offering their consumers only one trading asset online, Group500 has given the following.

Forex, futures, commodities, indices, stocks, and algorithmic trading are all examples of financial trading.

Top-Notch Trading Platform

To be honest, everything I’ve said about Group 500 would have been for nothing if they didn’t have a world-class trading platform to manage any of these. This is why Group 500 has chosen WebTrader, the most reliable and advanced trading platform available. Due to its heavy-duty maintenance and features, this platform is known as the “Blackhorse” among the other platforms and is used by the most prominent trading brokerages.

I’m sure you’re already impressed with what this trading platform has to offer, but you’ll be even more astonished to learn that it’s not just restricted to a specialized operating system but also runs on the web (firefox, chrome, or Safari) and on smartphones (Android & iOS). This has also been put up with the comfort and simplicity of the consumers in mind.

Customer Service

Nothing is complete without the assistance of a real-time staff who is accessible 24/7 to listen to your concerns and give fast answers. Group500 recognizes the importance of this and has assembled a team of highly qualified individuals who are both professional and humble when dealing with customer issues. Furthermore, these individuals have received basic level trading training in order to improve their ability to identify issues and resolve basic trading problems that arise from time to time.


While the online trading industry is full of success stories, fortunes, and achievements, it is also full of risks, failures, and frustration. A right broker like Group 500 is surely a solution to maximize the chances of success in online trading.


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