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Winbitx, an Exchange You Could Have Dreamed For

If you have been waiting for several years to find the right time of investing in online trades, then take my word and invest. Now is the right time to invest in online trading as the industry has become very lucrative in the past couple of years. Therefore, it is the perfect opportunity to benefit from it and if you are uncertain about the exchange, then let me take care of that. All you need to do is go through the highlights that I am going to share in my Winbitx review and it may turn out to be your dream exchange.

Real Time and Tool Support Offered by Winbitx

When it comes to providing real time support, Winbitx not only provides support via account managers and account analysts, it also offers dedicated customer support. The customer support representatives at Winbitx offer their support 6 days a week. They continue providing their support 24-hours a day starting from Monday until Saturday. You can reach out to them via landline and chat support. If your query can wait, then you can write them an email.

When it comes to providing support tools, Winbitx does it with several of them. At present, some of the most popular tools among the Winbitx investors are risk management, live charts, news and market insights, market analysis videos, and trader’s guide.

Deposits and Withdrawals are Easy

Deposits and withdrawals could never be any easier than what Winbitx currently offers. At Winbitx, you can proceed with making deposits with traditional methods such as bank wire transfer and credit/debit cards. If you already have a cryptocurrency wallet for Bitcoin or Ethereum (ETH), then you can make deposits through these wallets.

When it is time for you to make a withdrawal, you can choose the same methods for withdrawals you did for making deposits. As you request a withdrawal, Winbitx has to go through all the checks provided under the regulatory guidelines before it can release the funds. If all goes well, you can see your money getting transferred into your preferred payment method within 7 working days.

Your Financial and Personal Transactions are SSL Protected

Winbitx has adopted SSL Security System to secure your transactions with encryptions to restrict any third party interference from taking place. Your transactions are concealed and thus, cannot be read by hackers or unwanted personnel even at the exchange. This means all your personal and financial transactions are kept safe and secure.

Trading Accounts Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Most of the online trading exchanges offer just one or two kinds of trading accounts. Winbitx shocks you with seven different trading accounts. Each account offers more services, benefit, and trading markets than the previous one. The minimum deposit you make at Winbitx to gain access to the Bronze level trading account is $10,000.

Trading Instruments and Trading Platforms

While most of the exchanges offer a single trading asset to play it safe, Winbitx believes in taking challenges head-on. It offers you all major trading assets involving currencies that are forex and cryptocurrencies. Then there are other assets such as stocks, indices, and commodities. You can choose the asset you like and leave the rest to Winbitx’s team to lead the way for you.

Winbtix aims to offer you the best and highest quality of trading services, tools, and features. This is the reason why it has adopted MT4 and MT5 that is available on windows/mac, android, iOS, web-browsers, and tablets. The tools it offers include automated trading, money management planning, single-click executions, trading instructions, reporting system, charts/graphs, and so much more.

Educational System is vast and Informative

The educational system offered by Winbitx is tremendous and it is very informative for you as you continue trading. The educational content it currently offers include help center, trading academy, glossary, seminars, webinars, one-on-one training, and ebooks.

Don’t Follow Others

Remember, the online trading industry may sound very attractive and lucrative, and it is indeed how it is claimed. However, the online trading industry is also full of risks and this is something not every exchange would intimate you about. If you are setting foot into the online trading industry, then it is my obligation to give you a piece of advice as a fellow investor. The online trading industry is much risky as it is lucrative, so you need to keep in mind when you start trading.


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